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Hurt and Happiness

Know The Difference.  Pain Is Happiness Only After Experiencing pain, will you be able to understand the pleasures of happiness  Like the Sun & The Moon,  People Will All have their turn of day & night , Bright and Low Moments. Happy & Sad Moments It came to our attention that Life is to feel both pleasure and pain , time and place is the only variety  FORWARD , MOVE FORWARD , be it good  Memories , Be it Bad Memories , Always Look Forward, Try not to cling to the past , but keep it in mind as a reference of where you are moving FORWARD    It is No Use Avoiding Being Depressed , It is the most beautiful part of life because if you do not die after that depression phase then congratulations , You Are Stronger    It Is The Individuals Who are born into dire circumstances who get to experience pleasure for all that it is if they aspire for more and channel circumstances into motivation It Is The Individuals Who are born into privi
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Character #2: Phoenix

Now that the tears try and the pain takes over, let us talk excellence. The fundamental quality for a personality or character is a good mental space. Take it easy on yourself.  Everyone has to cry every once in a while, but how long will it take before you smile? Cole mentioned a concept of  ''The Climb Back'' This is the concept of coming back to life.  We Rise From The Ashes Burn our hearts Rise our Souls It's a celebration of excellence!💫 M arathon, nah sprint.

Tried my best

Didn't I give it all? Tried my best, Gave you everything I had, everything and nothing less Didn't I do it right? Did I let you down? Maybe you got too used to having me around Still, how can you walk away f rom all my tears? It's gonna be an empty road without me right here But go on and take it all with you Don't look back at this crumbling fo ol Just take it all with my love Maybe I should leave, to help you see Nothing is better than this and this is everything we need                     So is it over? Is this really it, you're giving up so easily I thought you loved me more than this

But We cant Turn Back The Years

 It's crazy how music has the ability to make you feel a memory almost so closely that it's real again.  I played this song today and I was transported to a past time in my life, with every beat off the drum reminding me of the scent in the air, the love in my heart and the thoughts in my mind that felt distant to me.  It's as though I had been transported back to a simpler time when the world hadn't quite had its way with me and I thought it to be my oyster.  While we can't indeed turn back the years, we can learn from them, and so here's a thought for you to chew on.  If you say something and I understand it how I understand it , is it my fault for understanding it that way, or is it your fault for communicating it the way you did or knew best?  I don't know if you'd realized but there are so many little hidden truths within statements that are some what silent but defeaning,listen close enough and you'll be

Nothing Really Matters

From The Ground, We come And to the ground we return. What matter is what you think matters If you care about other peoples opinion, You damn sure have Around 7+ Billion opinions to deal with so good luck with that For the Family, Do It For The Fam  Accumulate Wealth And You Leave it Here On Earth, but who wants to live being broke & miserable? It is the  hope of having a better life which makes life interesting, Once you have made it in life, It's all about enjoying the satisfaction of your efforts and struggle  but after a short while, It's back to imagining an even better life, it is then that life will be amusing again   Death Is Always Looming Around  Nothing Really Matters, The Universe IS too big

Character #2 :The Destructive Character

The destructive character sees nothing permanent.  But for this very reason, he sees ways everywhere. Where others encounter walls or mountains, there, too, he sees a way.  But because he sees a way everywhere, he has to clear things from it everywhere. Not always by brute force; sometimes by the most refined. Because he sees ways everywhere, he always stands at a crossroads.   No moment can know what the next will bring. What exists he reduces to rubble – not for the sake of rubble, but for that of the way leading through it. The destructive character lives from the feeling not that life is worth living, but that suicide is not worth the trouble.

An Oxymoron Life

Don't Have A voice in society? , Wait Until You Get Your Money Right. - Ye. You need to go for the Money, And not the Honeys,  Although Honey Tastes Good and is a trap for man, Man shall overcome, so says the bible. Perhaps move out of the city, Stay in a secluded location, and Live off the land. Surely that would be a peaceful life.  Right?    Life. An endless OxyMoron .. Do not allow yourself to feel like a moron just because things are confusing. Smile. Aren't We All Confused on some level?

A Young Young Love Story

This is a Story of a naive little girl who loved sharks while other girls adored dolphins Here I am Falling as sh!t for you Just one glance In my direction makes me melt Oh your husky voice If only you knew how you make me feel Maybe it's just a high school fling.. Thinking back to that night of stupidity and bliss.. You,  working your way through me Through my soul You wanted me as much as I wanted you Or so I thought You took me to the moon and back Made me feel like I was on cloud nine Made me fall for you Stupid little girl Couldn't play in my lane Had to fall for a handsome prick like you It sucks though Knowing I could never have you Only in my wildest dreams  24 Nov 14