From Deus Ultimate

Lost Ones

So I see Very good girls i used to know turning sour

Trading morals and Value For a lot of money , some awesome liquor and good dick 

I wonder who introduced her to alcohol ,shame , Poor girls ,

More shame to the one who trades her Value and Morals for not that much Money

To the woman he said,

“I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing;
in pain you shall bring forth children.
Your desire shall be contrary tof your husband,
but he shall rule over you.”  

[Gen 3:16]

But We cant Turn Back The Years

But We cant Turn Back The Years

 It's crazy how music has the ability to make you feel a memory almost so closely that it's real again. 

I played this song today and I was transported to a past time in my life, with every beat off the drum reminding me of the scent in the air, the love in my heart and the thoughts in my mind that felt distant to me. 

It's as though I had been transported back to a simpler time when the world hadn't quite had its way with me and I thought it to be my oyster. 

While we can't indeed turn back the years, we can learn from them, and so here's a thought for you to chew on. 

If you say something and I understand it how I understand it , is it my fault for understanding it that way, or is it your fault for communicating it the way you did or knew best? 

I don't know if you'd realized but there are so many little hidden truths within statements that are some what silent but defeaning,listen close enough and you'll be amazed by what you hear. 

I'm uncertain as to whether we should attribute this to the fact that people perceive things differently, or it's truly due to miscommunication.

Sadly today is not the day where the world decided to communicate it's response to me and so an answer I still seek to find. And while Phil Collins reminisces on his lost love , I'll aspire to learn from mine.

Nothing Really Matters

From The Ground We come And the ground we return to

What matter is what you think matters

If you care about other peoples opinion , You damn sure have Around 7+ Billions opinions to deal with so good luck with that

For the Family  , Do It For The Fam 

Accumulate Wealth And You Leave it Here On Earth , but who wants to live being broke & miserable ?

It is the  hope of having a better life which makes life interesting , Once you have made it in life , Its all about enjoying the satisfaction of your efforts and struggle 

but after a short while , Its back to imagining an even better life , it is then that life will be amusing again  

Death Is Always Looming Around 

Nothing Really Matters , The Universe IS too big

ForthBlack #2 :The Destructive Character

The destructive character sees nothing permanent. 

But for this very reason he sees ways everywhere. Where others encounter walls or mountains, there, too, he sees a way. 

But because he sees a way everywhere, he has to clear things from it everywhere. Not always by brute force; sometimes by the most refined. Because he sees ways everywhere, he always stands at a crossroads. 

No moment can know what the next will bring. What exists he reduces to rubble – not for the sake of rubble, but for that of the way leading through it.
The destructive character lives from the feeling not that life is worth living, but that suicide is not worth the trouble.

Keep pushing foward

Good Morning , 

Dont Have A voice in society ? , Wait Until You Get Your Money Right.

You need to go for the Money , And not the Honeys , 

Although Honey Tastes Good and is a trap for man , Man shall overcome , so says the bible .

But who believes in it anyway , Just some old white inventions keeping the darker gene guys Sane


Vic Mensa - 16 Shots

This Is a tribute to Laquan and all the Africans who got killed for being African 

October 20 2014

A Young young Story

A Young young Story

This is a Story of a naive little girl who loved sharks while other girls adored dolphins

Here I am

Falling as sh!t for you
Just one glance In my direction makes me melt
Oh your husky voice
If only you knew how you make me feel
Maybe it's just a high school fling..

Thinking back to that night of stupidity and bliss..
You,  working your way through me
Through my soul
You wanted me as much as I wanted you
Or so I thought

You took me to the moon and back
Made me feel like I was on cloud nine

Made me fall for you

Stupid little girl
Couldn't play in my lane
Had to fall for a handsome prick like you
It sucks though
Knowing I could never have you
Only in my wildest dreams 

24 Nov 14

Purpose Food

Purpose Food

Here's an analogy.

Think of yourself as a driver on a highway..  if you had realized , on a highway there's always two garages, one on the left and one on the right .Suited for travelers going in opposite directions. There isn't one for both directions in the middle because that would cause a lot of clutter and chaos. 

A highway driver ultimately has to choose his direction and stick with it. 

It's quite easy as all the people in your route and at the stop are all going in one direction and hence are focused on their destination.

Life is the same,
think of yourself as a highway driver traveling on the route you chose. 

Worry not about the people on the other end moving in the opposite direction They have their destination and you have yours. 

The route you are on has people with similar goals. Interact with them and take stops when necessary. Trying to create a garage stop in the middle would create that unnecessary clutter and chaos that the split roads try to avoid .

  Stick To Your Goal.

Pain Is Happiness

Know The Difference 

Pain Is Happiness 

Only After Experiencing pain, will you be able to understand the pleasures of happiness 

Like the Sun & The Moon , 

People Will All have their turn of day & night , Bright and Low Moments.

Happy & Sad Moments

It came to our attention that Life is to feel both pleasure and pain , time and place is the only variety 

FORWARD , MOVE FORWARD , be it good  Memories , Be it Bad Memories , Always Look Forward , Try not to cling to the past , but keep it in mind as a reference of where you are moving FORWARD to , 


It is No Use Avoiding Being Depressed , It is the most beautiful part of life because if you do not die after that depression phase then congratulations , You Are Stronger 

It Is The Individuals Who are born into dire circumstances who get to experience pleasure for all that it is if they aspire for more and channel circumstances into motivation

It Is The Individuals Who are born into privileged circumstances who get to experience pain for all that it is through their lifetime if they do not try to make an effort to keep the privilege

ForthBlack #1

This World , In This Day and Age , In fact Throughout the Eons , Was Not made to accommodate the Black

We Are Vastly Gifted , Talented and Intelligent

We Are the Original Creators , Very Close to the Spiritual Realm 

Those Who Fake they Break

Letters to my departed lover

Letters to my departed lover

I miss you so bad 😞

It's so sad you can't reply

I know I'm crazy for texting you, but I love crazy

I miss you 

Rest in Perfect Peace

Can't believe it's been four years...

Four fvcking gaddamn years!

Yet here I am still sliding in your inbox

I know we weren't exclusive and all...  

But I think I've finally moved on... 

I'm done grieving

I've accepted!

Love you always. 


10 Oct 16

Intro To Victor J

Victor-J is a Zimbabwean born rapper and producer 

based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

He has been recording and releasing music since 2012 and recently released the songs 'Strong' and 'Shifts' which are the first 2 of 4 singles that will be released leading up to his next free album 'Concrete Thoughts'


Listen To More Of Victor-J


We Love And Respect Raw Talent with Limited Resources

On Being Young

On Being Young

On Being Young 

The teenage mind is it own worst enemy 

What is the problem really

It just might be the young mind will always have an identity phase problem 

Who am I , Why am I born ,
A lot of whys will be asked  
a lot of silly questions asked
which only help confuse thyself further

The worst time is when you realize that not everything goes your way and you are not always right.

Perhaps an even more horrific stage in life is when you sit and think , Is the path I am on right now how I want the rest of my time on earth to be ?

Or were you forced to be on the path you are ? , If so then unfortunately you will not really experience the concept of "Satisfaction " 

Friends , Enemies , Lovers & Strangers - These are the people with the most impact in your life , notice how there is no "Family" there 

This is because Family is the base of your life which you have to leave when you are ready to start your own  ,so family cannot have an impact on your life because it is your life 

Friends , Enemies , Lovers & Strangers are there to either Support ,Derail or Not care about your values 

By the time it's over , its either the young mind stays young & naive or it matures and accepts change 



You turned me into a monster
I barely knew the me I had become
The real me was screaming inside
Asking to be freed

Freed from this miserable life
The life you chose for me
And not the life I chose

You made me hate the real me
The "me" I was destined to be
The "me" He made in His image

Now honey,
I've opened my eyes
Not just my physical eyes
But my spiritual eyes too
He made me realize who I really am

Now,  I hate me no more
I no longer stand in front of the mirror hating the reflection  I see

02 Sept 14




Explain to yourself

Why In the World You Exist 

to do what you were told to do since birth seems like a waste of potential

The Universe is Too big for anything to really matter.


Existence is the greatest blessing of all.


No scientist or forum of them will ever understand what really happens under the sun. 

Go Out there.
Exist with a smile while You can

Clear Minded

Clear Minded






Fundamentals of 




A Very Short & Concise African story on Cocaine 



Man, Lecrae hits me so hard. Like, how can a homie speak such truth, be such an anomaly [misfit, outsider, leader], and get such backlash. Eish.

I read chapter 1 of his book Unashamed (because it was free haha). I thought, woah. It must be so hard being a Christian standing in a satan-saturated industry. 

Chilling at Jay-Z’s crib worth everyone looking at you like you about to shove a Bible down their throat. I mean I struggle to stand unashamed on my campus, where there are tons of Christians who would probably support me (or I’d hope they would).

Anyway, so his music is inspiring and authentic and has had a major impact on my life since 2012. Allowed me to be accept my personality as I wrestled with me image of the perfect Christian: what they wore, how they spoke, the thoughts that consumed them, the struggles they beat down, and were sometimes beaten by. So God loves little gangster kids? So Hillsong doesn’t have to be my favourite music group? (Don’t get me wrong, I like Hillsong, it’s just not the kinda music I play when I’m walking down the road pretending to be hood).
Point is, so I’m reading up on him a little. What’s new with Lecrae? After all, if this guy’s music is gonna be blasting in my ears I better know where he is in life. Also because if he ever casually announces a tour to Namibia I need to be the first to know and find a way to hold him accountable to this. But I digress. So he’s an American and has been speaking out quite a bit on #AllBlacksMatter. 

This is the kinda stuff he says:
You assume my anger is at white people and not white supremacy
“For example, nobody would deny that if someone was a billionaire in 1962, his billions are going to affect all of his descendants. The reverse is also true. The lack of education, material and finances for a slave are going to affect the descendants of that individual as well. So when you start looking at it [like that] and stepping back, you may say, "Ah, okay. It's more of a systemic issue that's happening." If you start to see some of these infrastructural [issues], that will start to make a difference. 
But to be fair, that process takes humility on both sides. It also takes a great deal of humility for someone to quell his or her emotions, frustrations, and anger with another who constantly can’t see the emotional turmoil they're going through. The person who feels frustrated by those who don’t readily understand or acknowledge racism, will struggle to consistently paint the narrative for them.
I want people to know that [racism] is bigger than just caring for your community. This is a moral issue across the board for humanity. If you subscribe to any moral code that says you should care for humanity, obviously black people will fit into that category. So why would you not advocate for justice and truth unless you have something to lose?”
I mean woah. Using your influence to speak out like that. Trusting that God is in control, and knowing you have been called for such a time as this. To use your influence to speak out at a time like this. To love and respect people enough to tell them the truth at a time like this. 
If I quoted all the lyrics from his songs where I paused, replayed, wished I was on Twitter so I could tweet it, replayed again and settled for a mass WhatsApp mission I’d never finish this post. I leave you with one of the latest, his closing line on Misconceptions 3:
“Wonder how do we survive in this suicide, do or die jungle?
Let the Spirit lead like He want to”

By BrownPaperBagGirl
To Auto Or Manual ?

To Auto Or Manual ?

To Auto OR Manual

That is the big question  

 IT is an obvious fact , that Automatic will always do better than the poor old native manual.

manual" is of latin origin meaning "hand"so it basically means you do everything on your own.

But what is it really about the manual that you just cant get enough of ? (except in traffic of course )

The answer to that is purely the feel , The knowledge and chemistry you feel with your vehicle , It truly feel like you one with the machine 

X (feat, Future)