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Hurt and Happiness

Know The Difference.  Pain Is Happiness Only After Experiencing pain, will you be able to understand the pleasures of happiness  Like the Sun & The Moon ,  People Will All have their turn of day & night , Bright and Low Moments. Happy & Sad Moments It came to our attention that Life is to feel both pleasure and pain , time and place is the only variety  FORWARD , MOVE FORWARD , be it good  Memories , Be it Bad Memories , Always Look Forward , Try not to cling to the past , but keep it in mind as a reference of where you are moving FORWARD to ,    It is No Use Avoiding Being Depressed , It is the most beautiful part of life because if you do not die after that depression phase then congratulations , You Are Stronger    It Is The Individuals Who are born into dire circumstances who get to experience pleasure for all that it is if they aspire for more and channel circumstances into motivation It Is The Individuals Who are born

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Lost Ones

So I see Very good girls i used to know turning sour

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But We cant Turn Back The Years

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Nothing Really Matters

From The Ground We come And to the ground we return. What matter is what you think matters

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Character #2 :The Destructive Character

The destructive character sees nothing permanent. 
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An Oxymoron Life

Don't Have A voice in society? , Wait Until You Get Your Money Right. - Ye.

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A Young Young Love Story

This is a Story of a naive little girl who loved sharks while other girls adored dolphins
Here I am

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Purpose Food

Here's an analogy.

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Character #1: Brave

Vastly Gifted , Talented and Intelligent

The Original Creators , Very Close to the Spiritual Realm 

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Letters to my departed lover

I miss you so bad 😞
It's so sad you can't reply
I know I'm crazy for texting you, but I love crazy
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On Being Young

The teenage mind is it own worst enemy .

What is the problem really ? 
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