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A Young Young Love Story

This is a Story of a naive little girl who loved sharks while other girls adored dolphins
Here I am

Falling as sh!t for … Read more

Purpose Food

Here's an analogy.

Think of yourself as a driver on a highway..  if you had realized , on a highway there's al… Read more

Hurt and Happiness

Know The Difference. 
Pain Is Happiness Only After Experiencing pain, will you be able to understand the pleasures of… Read more

Character #1: Brave

Vastly Gifted , Talented and Intelligent

The Original Creators , Very Close to the Spiritual Realm 

Those Who Fake, B… Read more

Letters to my departed lover

I miss you so bad 😞
It's so sad you can't reply
I know I'm crazy for texting you, but I love crazy
I miss yo… Read more

On Being Young

The teenage mind is it own worst enemy .

What is the problem really ? 
It just might be the young mind will always have a… Read more


You turned me into a monster I barely knew the me I had become The real me was screaming inside Asking to be freed

Freed fr… Read more



Explain to yourself

Why In the World You Exist 

to do what you were told to do since birth seems like a waste of … Read more

Clear Minded






Fundamentals of


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