On Being Young

The teenage mind is it own worst enemy .

What is the problem really

It just might be the young mind will always have an identity phase problem 

Who am I , Why am I born ,
A lot of whys will be asked  
a lot of silly questions asked
which only help confuse thyself further

The worst time is when you realize that not everything goes your way and you are not always right.

Perhaps an even more horrific stage in life is when you sit and think , Is the path I am on right now how I want the rest of my time on earth to be ?

Or were you forced to be on the path you are ? , If so then unfortunately you will not really experience the concept of "Satisfaction " 

Friends , Enemies , Lovers & Strangers - These are the people with the most impact in your life , notice how there is no "Family" there 

This is because Family is the base of your life which you have to leave when you are ready to start your own  ,so family cannot have an impact on your life because it is your life 

Friends , Enemies , Lovers & Strangers are there to either Support ,Derail or Not care about your values 

By the time it's over , its either the young mind stays young & naive or it matures and accepts change 

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