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Purpose Food

Here's an analogy.

Think of yourself as a driver on a highway...  if you had realized, on a highway there are always two garages, one on the left and one on the right. Suited for travellers going in opposite directions. There isn't one for both directions in the middle because that would cause a lot of clutter and chaos. 
A highway driver ultimately has to choose his direction and stick with it. 

It's quite easy as all the people in your route and at the stop are all going in one direction and hence are focused on their destination.

Life is the same,
think of yourself as a highway driver travelling on the route you chose. 

Worry not about the people on the other end moving in the opposite direction They have their destination and you have yours. 

The route you are on has people with similar goals. Interact with them and take stops when necessary. Trying to create a garage stop in the middle would create that unnecessary clutter and chaos that the split roads try to avoid.

  Stick To Your Goal.


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