But We cant Turn Back The Years

 It's crazy how music has the ability to make you feel a memory almost so closely that it's real again. 

I played this song today and I was transported to a past time in my life, with every beat off the drum reminding me of the scent in the air, the love in my heart and the thoughts in my mind that felt distant to me. 

It's as though I had been transported back to a simpler time when the world hadn't quite had its way with me and I thought it to be my oyster. 

While we can't indeed turn back the years, we can learn from them, and so here's a thought for you to chew on. 

If you say something and I understand it how I understand it , is it my fault for understanding it that way, or is it your fault for communicating it the way you did or knew best? 

I don't know if you'd realized but there are so many little hidden truths within statements that are some what silent but defeaning,listen close enough and you'll be amazed by what you hear. 

I'm uncertain as to whether we should attribute this to the fact that people perceive things differently, or it's truly due to miscommunication.

Sadly today is not the day where the world decided to communicate it's response to me and so an answer I still seek to find. And while Phil Collins reminisces on his lost love , I'll aspire to learn from mine.



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