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No One Remembers Old Marcus Garvey 

"Always see yourself as a perfect being and be proud of yourself"

Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican born political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur and orator who believed strongly in the empowerment of all black people.

He believed that this could only be done through the growth of Africa as a continent. To achieve this, he established a mass movement called Garveyism which strove to unite all people of African descent for the joined advancement of Africa as an independent and economically successful continent.

As a contribution to his belief, he founded a ship-line (the Black Star Line) which transported African descendants to Africa from other continents and the Negro Factories Corporation to encourage trade between and growth of black business.

He also founded an organisation called the

Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League  (UNIA-ACL)

for the unity of all 'blacks' in realizing the goals of the movement and providing resources to Africa for it's triumph as an independent and successful continent. Wonderful as his intentions were;

his attempts at Pan Africanism failed and ultimately, the movement died out.

Although he had his failures; his was the first black movement to combine modern urban/economic goals with mass organization in the pursuit for an independent and thriving Africa

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