[Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds]


Drug ,Feeling , Addictive , Blinding , Godly ,Sensual , Spiritual ,Dangerous , Amazing , Eternal

Those are just a few  words which many may use to describe this Oh so Amazingly confusing thing ,

I have came to notice that those who suffer are those who pour it out with the heart , Those who enjoy be on the receiving side , 
Now Imagine all the wonders that  can be achieved when both parties of the relationship both pour out their hearts , this is where we reach Godly levels 

However , this is rarely the case in the Modern World , 

Money will most likely be the motive behind the Image portrayed to society which says , Love Lives Here , But Honestly ,  It is just the Love for Money if it not True Love (we shall define this later on)

Remember that even if you may not know it or want it to be that the relationship be based on money, Stop and Think of what you Love from your partner

The Image on the Side is Maslows hierarchy of needs 

As you Can see , Before Love and Belonging can Exist ,A person Needs to Have Fulfilled their Physiological and Safety needs 
Lo and Behold , Your basic needs today require Money , And not just a little , 
You need enough money which comes in constantly and in a  stable manner every month 



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