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Purpose Food

Here's an analogy. Think of yourself as a driver on a highway...  if you had realized, on a highway there are always two garages, one on the left and one on the right. Suited for travellers going in opposite directions. There isn't one for both directions in the middle because that would cause a lot of clutter and chaos.    A highway driver ultimately has to choose his direction and stick with it.  It's quite easy as all the people in your route and at the stop are all going in one direction and hence are focused on their destination. Life is the same, think of yourself as a highway driver travelling on the route you chose.  Worry not about the people on the other end moving in the opposite direction They have their destination and you have yours.  The route you are on has people with similar goals. Interact with them and take stops when necessary. Trying to create a garage stop in the middle would create that unnecessary clutter and chaos that the s

Hurt and Happiness

Know The Difference.  Pain Is Happiness Only After Experiencing pain, will you be able to understand the pleasures of happiness  Like the Sun & The Moon,  People Will All have their turn of day & night , Bright and Low Moments. Happy & Sad Moments It came to our attention that Life is to feel both pleasure and pain , time and place is the only variety  FORWARD , MOVE FORWARD , be it good  Memories , Be it Bad Memories , Always Look Forward, Try not to cling to the past , but keep it in mind as a reference of where you are moving FORWARD    It is No Use Avoiding Being Depressed , It is the most beautiful part of life because if you do not die after that depression phase then congratulations , You Are Stronger    It Is The Individuals Who are born into dire circumstances who get to experience pleasure for all that it is if they aspire for more and channel circumstances into motivation It Is The Individuals Who are born into privi

Character #1: Brave

Vastly Gifted , Talented and Intelligent The Original Creators , Very Close to the Spiritual Realm  Those Who Fake, Break.

Letters to my departed lover

I miss you so bad 😞 It's so sad you can't reply I know I'm crazy for texting you, but I love crazy I miss you  Rest in Perfect Peace Can't believe it's been four years... Four f v cking gaddamn years! Yet here I am still sliding in your inbox I know we weren't exclusive and all...    But I think I've finally moved on...  I'm done grieving I've accepted! Love you always.  ♡♡♡ 10 Oct 16    

On Being Young

The teenage mind is its own worst enemy. What is the problem reall y ?  It just might be the young mind will always have an identity phase problem  Who am I, Why am I born, A lot of whys will be asked   a l ot of silly questions aske d which only help confuse thyself further The worst time is when you realize that not everything goes your way and you are not always right. Perhaps an even more horrific stage in life is when you sit and think, Is the path I am on right now how I want the rest of my time on earth to be? Or were you forced to be on the path you are? , If so then, unfortunately, you will not really experience the concept of "Satisfaction "  Friends, Enemies, Lovers & Strangers - These are the people with the most impact in your life, notice how there is no "Family" there  This is because Family is the base of your life which you have to leave when you are ready to start your own. So, family cannot have an i


You turned me into a monster I barely knew the me I had become The real me was screaming inside Asking to be freed Freed from this miserable life The life you chose for m e And not the life I chose You made me hate the real me The "me" I was destined to be The "me" He made in His image Now honey, I've opened my eyes Not just my physical eyes But my spiritual eyes too He made me realize who I really am Now,  I hate me no more I no longer stand in front of the mirror hating the reflection  I see 02 Sept 14


Reason  Explain to yourself Why In the World You Exist  to do what you were told to do since birth seems like a waste of potential The Universe is too big for anything to really matter. Existence is the greatest blessing of all. MEDITATE  No scientist or forum of them will ever understand what really happens under the sun.  Go Out there. Exist with a smile while You can